Spirit Under The Influence (2005)

“[In ‘Spirit Under The Influence,’] the quixotic courage of trying to make some small difference, either in the environment or in taking the risk of personal artistic expression, is given intense physical form.”
—The Seattle Times

In this multi-media solo performance Hanson focused on several obsessions: Bruce Lee’s 1971 interview on the Pierre Berton Show, author Caroline Myss’ lecture on love and Gena Rowlands’ drunk scene in John Cassavetes’ Opening Night. Hanson enlisted her sons, Henry and Linus, as well as her parents, Vern and Marlis Hanson, in video scenes and interviews that explored some of her deepest spiritual concerns.

Production Credits

Spirit Under The Influence (2005)
with Dayna Hanson

Choreography/Concept: Dayna Hanson
Direction/Videography: Linas Phillips
Light Design: Dave Proscia