“As good a representation of the dedication and tunnel vision required to make art as any ever filmed.”
– Mark Peikert, Backstage Magazine

Loosely based on the making of Gloria’s Cause, Dayna Hanson’s production about the American Revolution, Improvement Club is a hybrid narrative film with elements of mockumentary, musical comedy, and dance film. Hanson’s former band-mates, also in the cast, provide an original score of pop-rock music that interweaves with the story. Improvement Club premiered in Narrative Competition at South by Southwest Film Festival in 2013.

Improvement Club is available to rent or purchase through Vimeo on Demand.

Production Credits

Improvement Club (2013)

with Maggie Brown, Dayna Hanson, Jim Kent, Wade Madsen, Paul Matthew Moore, Peggy Piacenza, Dave Proscia, Pol Rosenthal, Sarah Rudinoff and Jessie Smith

Choreographer/Writer/Director: Dayna Hanson
Cinematography: Benjamin Kasulke
Second Camera Operator: Jacob Rosen
Producer: Mel Eslyn
Sound: Vinny Smith
Original Music Tracks: Today! (Maggie Brown, Dayna Hanson, Paul Matthew Moore and Dave Proscia)
Assistant Director: Jody Kuehner
Production Designer and titles: Tania Kupczak
Editor: Sean Donavan

Behind the Scenes

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